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2. Traveller(s) details

Age 0-17 Read Help For children travelling with a parent or legal guardian insured on the same certificate travelling on any trip to the same destination. The children are only insured when travelling with one or both of the insured adults, but under Annual Multi-trip cover either adult is insured to travel independently. If children aged under 18 wish to travel separately insured, please select the age category 0-50.
Children travelling with parents or legal guardians
Age 18-23
Full time students travelling with parents or legal guardians
Age 18-50  
Age 51-65  
Age 66-79  
Age 80-84  

3. Trip options

Excess Options Read Help By selecting this option you can choose the excess you wish to pay in the event of a claim on this policy. Please click on Policy Limits and Excesses for more information regarding our standard excesses. Your chosen excess will adjust the premium amount that you will be charged.
Excluding Baggage Read HelpBy ticking the excluding baggage option you are deleting this cover from your policy, Baggage is your personal effects items that you take with you on your holiday or business trip, this will automatically discount the normal quote price as you have opted to delete this section for your cover (for more information in relation to this cover please refer to the "Policy Summary" on this page)  
Include Winter Sports
Read Help If you are intending to participate in any winter sports activities whilst on your trip, you might need to add this option to your cover. You will then be covered subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. If you decide to tick this option it will automatically add an additional charge to your quote price
Golf cover Read Help You are covered to play golf as standard, this trip option will cover you for - Golf equipment up to £1,000, £75 per day up to a maximum of £300 for irrecoverable green fees, liability for golf buggies whilst in use up to £2 Million, Emergency golf equipment replacement up to £300, Hiring of emergency golf equipment up to £200
Cruise cover Read Help You are covered to travel on cruises as standard, this trip option will cover you for - Increasing your baggage / personal effect limit to £2,500 per person, anyone single article limit increased to £750, total for all valuables is increased to £500, £25 for every Scheduled pre-paid shore trip missed, £15 per each 24 hours you are confined to your cabin
Wedding cover Read Help This trip option will cover you for - Up to £1,000 for wedding attire, Up to £750 for wedding gifts taken with you, Up to £300 for each wedding ring, Up to £500 for photographs and video
Travel Disruption
Read Help Travel disruption insurance offers some of the financial protection customers would normally receive from their tour operator when purchasing a package holiday. When booking travel and accommodation independently customers do not enjoy the same amount of financial protection when certain problems arise.
Travel disruption insurance will cover such things as flight cancellations, denied boarding, delayed or missed connections and loss of unused accommodation due to the insolvency of your accommodation provider, and necessary additional costs, such as extra transport or alternative accommodation. Travel disruption insurance will also cover any irrecoverable unused accommodation costs and other pre-paid charges which you have paid or are contracted to pay because you were not able to travel and use your booked accommodation or, reasonable additional accommodation and transport costs incurred as a result of the insolvency of the providers of the accommodation, fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, tsunami, landslide, avalanche, hurricane, storm or an outbreak of food poisoning or an infectious disease affecting your accommodation or resort. Please click on Certificate Wording for full details of the cover provided under this option
Business Benefits
Extension cover
Read Help You are covered for non manual business trips as standard, this trip option will cover you for - Up to £750 for business equipment, Up to £500 anyone single article or pair, Employee replacement expenses.




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